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A blog about deep and mindful travel.

On Travelous Mind you will not only find exciting travel stories, travel videos and photos, but also many stories with topics to think about concerning deep and mindful travel.

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About Me


I’m Denise, 25 years old, wanderer by heart, filmmaker, minimalist, perfectionist and dreamer.

My goal?

To inspire you to do more of what your heart desires and make as much as you can of this little thing that we call life!

What traveling is to me?

Traveling is what has changed me and my life more than anything. It’s challenging, mind-opening, electrifying, scary, exciting. It’s a way if thinking, a way of living, a way of seeing the world. And I’d like to take you with me on the journey that to me makes up life. Deep and mindful travel, seeing the beauties of this world, no matter how simple they are, and cherishing every moment – that is what Travelous Mind is all about.

My blog is about personal development, self-fulfillment, big life questions and inspiring travel stories. Since I have been traveling around the world for approximately the last 7 years with a chronic disease called Cystic Fibrosis, I also write about what it is like to travel with a chronic illness.

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