13 Jul, 2016

“Living in the Moment” -a guest article by Katharina

13 Jul, 2016

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Welcome to another part of the guest article series about “Living in the Moment”. If you haven’t read the introduction to this series yet and missed the first and second part by our guest contributors Svet and Jason, check them out now!

For this third part of my guest article series I interviewed the wonderful Katharina, who is also a blogger from Düsseldorf, Germany. On her lifestyle and travel blog „So nah und so fern**“ (direct translation: „So close, yet so far“) she writes about her travels to far-off, but also nearby places, gives her readers tips on healthy eating, living and traveling as a single woman and regularly takes her readers on deeper and more profound journeys as well. After having met a few months ago through Facebook group for Digital Nomads, we have already met up a few times in the „real“ world and I am very glad to have met another like-minded traveler like Katharina.


Living in the Moment: About Katharina

After having written for a few different blogs, she launched her „baby**“ in November 2015, which she has passionately been working on since. A passion, by the way, you can easily detect while reading her blog posts. What she does professionally? Katharina works as a freelancer teaching German as a foreign language and (copy-)writing. Her job allows her to work from anywhere in the world– an opportunity she seizes every chance she gets. In reply to the question of what is most important to her in life and what she loves to do, she says:

„It is important to me that in my life there is a good and healthy balance between tranquility/calm and excitement/diversion. I need to be able to do my own thing, which is way I have chosen to be self-employed as a freelancer. I love books, good food (that I preferably don’t have to cook myself 😉 ), beautiful things, fashion and I am addicted to coffee…”



Katharina living in the moment, doing one of her absolute favorite things..


Katharina’s reaction to what her favorite travel destination is and which cultures fascinate her the most:

„It’s always hard for me to tell which my favorite destination is. At the moment I would describe Lisbon as being my favorite place to be, because it’s just beautiful and at the same time very chilled-out. Culturally Malaysia fascinates me the most, because I taught there for three months and was able to get a much deeper insight into the country and its people than I would have on any normal trip. And it was more than exciting to gain insight into a culture that is so very different from ours and yet at the same time so very much alike in many aspects.”

In the following you can read what Katharina wrote about what „Living in the Moment“ means to her, where she lets us in on her life in a pretty deep way. Enjoy! 😉



Katharina at my place during a little photo shoot for her blog “So nah und so fern”.


Living in the Moment: What it means to Katharina

„As a German female, according to statistics, I should reach an age of about 70 to 80 years. This means I haven’t even gotten to the half-way mark and you might think, I still have loads of time ahead of me. So why do all these great things now, when I still have so much of the „later“ ahead of me still? Traveling is something we can do when we’re retired, right? Until then we need to keep really busy, work our butts off, so that we’ve then, later on in life, truly earn the nice things in life. This is the type of mentality many people in our society have. It is a mentality we are virtually injected with. But for me it just doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve always wanted to draw from full sources, do what I feel like doing, chase my dreams. Not just waiting for tomorrow, which seems to be so far in the future and actually might never even come. Who knows for sure? For me „living in the moment“ is not so much a spiritual thought. For me it’s not about sitting still or about meditation, although of course I find it wonderful to look out towards the ocean, close my eyes and feel the salty air stream into my lungs.

For me it’s more about the actual „doing”-part. I would say that I am definitely a woman of action. And the older I get and the more I know what I want, the more I just do what I want to and whatever feels right. More and more often and at best: right NOW. Of course, this doesn’t work with everything. Some things just need to be approached ahead of time.

But especially concerning my personal way of working and my exuberant drive to travel, that is just the way I live now. Instead of wondering back and forth, deliberating, pondering the pros and cons, questioning, taking a step forward just to take another step back, I now just run head on and forward with large steps.

Because, even if the saying is old and maybe worn out: We only have this one life. At the latest, a year and a half ago, when my mother, whom I loved dearly and above all else, died within a very short period of time of a very sudden cancer disease, I realized in a very deep way that despite the saying being old, it is damn true. Not every day will be sunny, no life is ever going to be perfect, no matter how hard we try, but we can give it our best shot. So, listen to your inner voices, find out what really moves and drives you and just follow your dreams.



“Listen to your inner voice, find out what really moves and drives you and just follow your dreams.” -Katharina


To me it was obvious at an early age that it was my life goal to get around as much as possible, experience new cultures, hear different languages, fathom the world out there. Not everyone can understand this strong drive, many put it off as mere wishful thinking and so I have repeatedly allowed others to slow me down.

But by now, I have arranged my life and my work in a way that I actually can do what I have always dreamed of. I work as a freelancer, teaching German as a foreign language and as a travel blogger and can plan pretty flexibly when and where I want to work. Therefore I can determine my „now“ to the greatest possible extent. It is amazing, sometimes still even a bit hard to believe to me, but I’d never want it any other way again.”
A huge thank you at this point to Katharina for sharing this beautiful and very openly written story, that hopefully doesn’t only inspire me, but some of you as well!

Check out her blog www.sonahundsofern.com** and follow her on Facebook** or Instagram**.



Living in the Moment: Be included in the blog series:

I would love to hear your take on what living in the moment means to you! Tell me about your moments in which you really felt like you were living „in the here and now“, write them down in just a few sentences and send them to me via eMail (at denise@travelousmind.com) if you’d like. In the end, I’d love to create a blog post with the compilation of your „moments“. (Even if you don’t want to be included in the blog post, I’d still be honored to hear about your “moment” 🙂 )


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