02 Jun, 2016

“Living In The Moment” -a guest article by Svetoslav Dimitrov

02 Jun, 2016

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This is the very first part of the „Living In The Moment“ -blog series, which I am very excited about, since it is my first blog series containing stories from guest writers from all over the world. I am also thrilled to be launching this series, because the topic itself is very close to my heart.


I believe that living in the moment, not planning and obsessing over the future nor dwelling on the past, is the embodiment of living, and not just existing. If you missed the introduction of this blog series I wrote prior, check it out here.


About Svet


Our first contributor, Svet, is originally from Pleven, a town of around 100,000 people in the Northern part of Bulgaria which houses two unique things for Bulgaria – a wine museum** and a Panorama**. After doing his bachelor’s degree in International Relations in Sofia and his master’s in European Policies and Politics in Leuven, Belgium, Svet jetted off to Beijing (following an invitation of a Chinese girl whom he met… you know this story) and spent some time there learning Mandarin.

After some months of studying Mandarin and already having learned English, Spanish, French, some Italian and German (he knows the most important German phrase: “I want a beer and Schweinshaxe.“, as he tells me proudly 😉 ), he found an internship in China and spent 3 months in Guangzhou. After a mix of events he eventually came back to Sofia and has settled there (for now).

He is now working as a freelance copywriter, blogger and translator (English-Bulgarian- English, and sometimes Spanish and French). As to what he loves to do: studying foreign languages obviously, cooking, working out and just staying fit by getting in some kind of activity (almost) every single day.
On his blog, www.svetdimitrov.com**, which is filled with poetic and beautiful stories, he writes mainly about traveling, healthy living and eating and motivation. Check out one of my favorite blog posts by Svet right here**.


Here is what Svet wrote about what “living in the moment“ means to him:


Living in the moment is indulging in long walks, in deep conversations with amazingly interesting people we meet while we travel, in passionately profound kisses with our beloved ones or some total stranger whom we fell for during our trotting the world.

Living in the moment is doing things you would do at home as if nobody is watching.

In China, with all my respect to this absolutely astonishing country, I felt I could do things which are frowned upon in the West, to say the least. For instance, I would take the lift to the 70thfloor of a high-rise’s panoramic cafeteria and just take photos. When questioned by the charming waitress if I wanted anything to drink, I merely uttered “No, I am here to take photos”. Now, that was audacious. I am not super proud of myself for doing that and I would not probably put it in my CV, but it just felt right then.

Living in the moment means doing a dance, a push-up (or anything else you feel like) somewhere with many people looking. Well, I am not saying to do risky and/or silly/disrespectful things in religious temples, but paying “public opinion” tax has not been my cup of tea in the last couple of years.

Living in the moment is the silence between the notes – that is what makes the music. I am sure many of you hear that upbeat tune which says, “Just start dancing, right here, right now.” And why not? You are not harming anybody, the worst you can get is some laughs, but who cares? I know I don’t. Do you?

But imagine how many great things may ensue – the least is, you will be uplifted and beaming with a smile. In addition, you can make people join you in your dance, make friends with them, and earn yourself a nice company. And, believe it or not, your soulmate may be lurking around.

Living in the moment does not mean doing silly or risky things, but rather, pushing borders, leaving your comfort zone – that is where the real life happens. Talk to that beautiful girl. If you are living in a big city, the chances of seeing her again are slim. Grab the opportunity, seize the collar of the wave, and tame the wild boy/girl inside of you.


Let me end by quoting Jack London:

“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”


Are you going to waste yours or you will finally start living?


Check out Svet’s blog** to read more or follow him on Facebook**.


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