10 Jul, 2017

“Life happens for you” – All the infos on my first book

10 Jul, 2017

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About 4 and a half months ago the idea came to me that I was going to write a book. The idea caught me rather by surprise while I was thinking about the year 2017, what it was going to bring and what goals I wanted to set for myself. The idea to write a book was not completely new, though. I had thought about it many years before because I had noticed that there weren’t many books that told an inspiring and encouraging Cystic-Fibrosis-story or at least I had missed having one as a young CF-adult. Even though the story that I want to tell has changed a bit and it won’t merely be about CF (= Cystic Fibrosis) I am happy to announce that I finished only two weeks ago, after having written like crazy the past few months. While writing the book I began to realize that this story definitely wanted to be told, because it seemed as though the words were just pouring out. In this blog post I want to answer the most important questions concerning my first book titled „Life happens for you“* and about the process that will now be leading up to the publishing. Enjoy!

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„Life happens for you“ – All the infos on my first book

What it’s about

This autobiographical story will be about life with Cystic Fibrosis, my travels around the world, but also, to a very large part, about the „inner“ journey. It will be about many of my learnings concerning different aspects of life and the search for meaning in this little thing we call life.


Who is the book for?

This book is basically for anyone, because I do believe that there is something in it for every type of reader. Even if you do not suffer from a chronic illness, but are interested in traveling and in personal development, or are just in need of some inspiration to take that step in a new direction, this book is definitely for you. What you will find in my book is an honest narrative, an openly written story and if you already know some of my blog posts, you might know what to expect from the book, as well.


My Why

My great love for writing and story-telling is only one of the reasons for me to write this book, because creating this book did and does have a deeper meaning to me, as well as a great purpose. With this book I want to reach out and inspire especially those who, through certain impairments like chronic illnesses or other imaginable obstacles in life, feel at a disadvantage and who have lost their spirit and courage to live a fulfilled and happy life because of them. I want to show them, as well as any other readers, that these alleged „impairments“ are not strokes of fate, but actually gifts that life hands us so that we can turn these disadvantages into our greatest advantages. That through conquering these obstacles we can draw the most strength and in the end- see the world through different eyes. I want to show that life always happens for us and never against us. This is my vision and that’s why this book is so dear to my heart.



Here is the current draft for the cover of “Life happens for you”. It was funny because I had had just this scene in mind when I thought about what my cover was going to look like and then found this sport by accident. Photo credit: Florian Schulz

„Life happens for you“- Facts

So, the book is now finished and will be proofread in the next few weeks. In the meantime I will be taking care of the planning concerning the publishing and financing of the book, because I will be bringing this book out as a self-publisher. Why I chose self-publishing over other options has many reasons that I will talk about in another blogpost in the future. To finance this project (including the print, the editing, the shipment etc.) and to reach as many people as possible I will be starting a crowdfunding project on July 24th where you will get all the other information you need- also there will be a very cool crowdfunding video, so watch out for that!

The book will then be available online around starting October 23rd 2017. And just so you know: This book will initially only be available in German, but will hopefully be able to be translated into English soon!


About Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding takes place on an online platform (such as „Startnext“** here in Germany or „Kickstarter“** worldwide) and is designed to help all types of projects become reality. If you want to support a project, you either contribute a certain amount of money by donating or you choose one of the „Thank-You’s“, that are offered with the campaign. During my crowdfunding campaign you will, among other things, be able to pre-order the printed book and/ or the e-Book. You will then receive your copy a bit earlier than if you’d order it via Amazon later and you also get your copy at a lower price, so it will definitely be worth pre-ordering the book. There will also be many other, very cool „Thank-You’s“, but these I will keep as a surprise until the crowdfunding campaign starts 😉 The great thing about crowdfunding is that if the funding goal is not reached (the goal that I set in advance for the campaign) the project will simply not be realized and thus all the investors keep their contribution- you do not have to pay anything in advance if you don’t want to- you then only pay once the funding goal is reached and the project is set to become reality. I think this platform is just awesome! I can’t wait for the campaign to start and I truly hope that if my vision has convinced you, you will take part in the campaign- that would really mean the world to me!


My first book – An emotional rollercoaster ride

And now for some personal insights: Writing this book has already been, without a doubt, one of the best decisions of my life and an incredibly valuable experience because merely through putting my story down in writing I have already been able to learn so much about myself and about life. I’ve been able to put all of my experiences into a general context and in this way, have been able to understand so much more about my life. So even if you don’t turn your story into a book I can really recommend just writing your entire story down– it is truly an incredible process! While writing I went through all of my highs and lows again, I was taken back to my most beautiful travel moments and saw the wonderful people I met along the way before my eyes (I even heard the songs in my mind that I had listened to during certain phases of my life, it was crazy!) And even though it scares the hell out of me to show myself so openly and so vulnerably and to uncover my entire and very personal story for everyone to see, I know that I have chosen the right path and I am extremely excited to be taking this plunge.


So, now it’s your turn: What do you think of the title „Life happens to you“? Does it speak to you? What do you think of the cover (of course this is only the German one, but still!)? I’d just love your feedback, as it is really important to me ❤️


By the way: The book is now pre-orderable right here* and the official publishing is on October 23rd.


* This is a link to Amazon, where you can buy my book, and is therefore declared “self-promotion”.

**Unpaid ad due to external link.


  • Svet July 10, 2017

    Ah, Denise, I also slowly started writing a book. So far, it’s not really heading anywhere specific. I just know that it will come to me as I write and I know it will be very motivating!

    As to your book, I am super happy for you! I adore the title of the book, and I am giddy with excitement to read it in English!

    Hugs and admirations for being so awesome!


    • Denise July 11, 2017

      Svet, I could just HUG you for your comment. That is so sweet, thank you! 🙂
      That sounds wonderful about your book! I’m sure it will come to you. For me it was as if I’d waited to a certain point, where the story just knew what it was going to be and that it had to be told right away 😀 Took a few years though 😉 Can’t wait to see what you come up with and I’ll definitely be buying it!! 🙂
      Lots of love to you from Germany!


  • Marjorie July 10, 2017

    I have the 24th marked on my calendar so I’m waiting to buy my book!


    • Denise July 11, 2017

      YAY!!! That is so awesome, thank you 🙂


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