24 May, 2016

“Living in the moment“- a guest article series

24 May, 2016

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A precious little word that we tend to carelessly throw around.

We have or don’t have time, we kill time, we do our time, we pass the time.


One of the things we constantly hear people say: „Time is money.


Now that might be. If you’re referring to a business point-of-view it sounds very plausible and logical.


But isn’t that a terrifying analogy? Do we really ascribe such a large amount of importance to „money“ that we put it on the same level as the entity of „time“? How can we even compare the two, let alone equate the one with the other?


Time isn’t money. Time is simply time and is so much more valuable than money. These are two entirely different instances. And we, nowadays, constantly make the mistake of putting them both on the same level, as if they were of the same importance.


One of the two is what most of us base our entire life on, the thing that everything else revolves around, while the other is actually the fundament of our entire lives- something we literally couldn’t live without: Time. Because what happens when we run out of time? Then that’s it, right? Time is pretty much the most finite resource we have in our lives.


And what happens when we have to manage with little money? Or in extreme case scenarios: If money just runs out? What happens then? That’s the biggest fear, right?

Well, even if our money does run out, you know what? We still have our health, our families, our friends, our selves, our lives- we still have time.

Compared to not having any more time or not being able to cherish time and actually live, it seems to me that not having money is not more than just a hiccup in the course of life.


In these times of mass consumption it’s still the absolute ideal: The fancy car, the big house, nice clothes, the jewelry.. But let’s be honest: What do all these material things give you? When you’re standing at the end of the line, what will you look back on? Will you remember how sparkly those earrings were and how much your neighbors envied your new Ferrari?


Of course not! It will be the moments you actually lived. The ones you relished and enjoyed to the fullest. The times when you were absolutely present in the moment and felt completely at ease with yourself. The moments that made your heart pound. The moments in which you overcame yourself, climbed mountains and tore down walls. Moments, in which you loved with your whole heart or felt love from others, in which you recognized and saw clearly for the first time in a long time. Moments in which the weight of all your worries fell off your shoulders or ones in which you could just be yourself and you simply felt happy and content through and through.


And that is exactly what this guest series is supposed to be about: Your moments.


I have chosen a few guest writers that will be sharing their stories with you over the course of the next weeks. They will be writing either about certain moments or will be describing in general what „living in the moment“ means to them.


And I also want to include you: Tell me about your moments in which you really felt like you were living „in the here and now“, write them down in just a few sentences and send them to me via eMail if you’d like. In the end, I’d love to create a blog post with the compilation of your „moments“. Of course I will be telling you my story as well.. 😉



You can send your story to denise@travelousmind.com. It would be such an honor to me to be part of your „moment“ (even if you don’t want to be included in the blog post and it’s just me who will be reading it 😉 )


You can find some more thoughts on life and our time on this earth right here:




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