26 Apr, 2016

Sean Koch Trio: Music for Wanderous Souls

26 Apr, 2016

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You know what one of my greatest loves is? What has always played an essential role in my life?



What kind of music in particular?


Music that speaks to our emotions. Music that inspires, that wakes our desire for freedom and unleashes our creativity.


And a few weeks ago I was inspired in just this way by three musicians who call themselves the Sean Koch Trio when I heard their music for the first time.


Sean Koch, Shaun Cloete and Ross Hillier are childhood friends from a small town called Kommetjie near Cape Town, South Africa. After having written many songs for most of his life, Sean Koch was then encouraged by his good friends to carry his message out into the world. And thank you guys for that!

“I’m gonna pack up all my things and road trip through the night.” 


Listening to their tracks I instantly got that feeling I usually get when I travel, when I’m at the ocean or in nature, feeling free. It’s music that brings a smile to your face and sparks the desire to just get in the car and hit the road.



Photo Credit: Ricardo Simal


It’s not all just hippie-dippie vibes and sunshine though. Their lyrics and sounds actually go way deeper than that. They also describe the darker sides of life and make you feel the melancholy that goes along with them, yet still with the positive twist that times may be hard, but that there’s always a light at the end of the road.

“Gone be the days when you opened up your mind to the darkness.”


The only downside to all of this?

So far there are only 5 songs to enjoy on Spotify. These 5 songs however have the power to tell an entire story.



Photo Credit: Ricardo Simal


I had the chance to ask Sean Koch himself a few questions about his music, his hometown and what makes him happiest.


Sean, tell us about South Africa and your home town.

Its diverse, im so lucky to call Cape Town my home. We have everything I could ask for. Mountains, beautiful beaches, pretty girls, great weather and all round good times! The village where I grew up, Kommetjie, is where the majority of my friends and family are and is revolved around the ocean, fishing and surfing etc.


What did you do before you decided to make music your profession?

I worked in the construction industry in West Africa for a few months at a time. It’s where I wrote the majority of the songs that are out there today.


Your music is very chilled out, easy and fun to listen to. But that’s not all it is. It seems to me it goes deeper than that. What is it you want to convey to people with your music?

I draw a lot of inspiration from people as well as my surroundings and the scenery we are surrounded by. I just want to put out a message of good vibrations and for everyone to learn to appreciate this world we live in.


Do you travel a lot? Coming from a beautiful place by the sea as you are from, I’ve always wondered if you love to travel anyway.

I travel as much as I can. I traveled to many different countries towards the end of 2013 but then became super focused on making music when I returned, which is pretty much a full time-job. It’s been nice traveling around the country now, playing music and experiencing new places I haven’t yet  had the opportunity to do.


Which moments would you describe yourself as being the happiest in?

Being on stage with the boys, playing a crazy set and the moment people start dancing and smiling!



Photo Credit: Ricardo Simal


One last question for the readers out there interested in traveling to South Africa: What would your advice be on where to go and what to do in South Africa?

I’d say: start in Cape Town, enjoy the lively city, beaches and mountains for a bit and then make your way up the green garden route of the East Coast. There are so many cool little coastal towns with something special to offer at each one!


Thanks, Sean, for the interview and I hope to meet you guys and hang out in Cape Town some time!



Photo Credit: Ross Hillier


Check out the new EP “Natural Projection” these guys just brought out, follow them on Facebook or see them live on their upcoming first-ever tour through Europe:


And here’s a song by the boys that I personally love and really gives me goosies. Enjoy!



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