22 Feb, 2016

Sun and Co.: So Much More Than Just Coworking

22 Feb, 2016

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This past week I visited Sun and Co. in Jávea, Spain for 5 days. I wanted to experience my very first workation, which meant for me: working on my blog and editing my videos whilst being on vacation.


While I cannot describe myself as a digital nomad yet, I wanted to be in an environment where I could try out this lifestyle that I am striving to live, to see if I could actually combine the two instances of work and travel in one. And I must say, while it wasn’t that easy for me to actually get into the work-mindset because we are so used to seperating work from travel most of our lives, it still worked out really well, especially staying at the amazing Sun and Co. Coworking and Coliving space.




Sun and Co. is a very recently established Coworking and Coliving community. For those of you, who haven’t heard of Coworking** or Coworking spaces** before: The essence of coworking is being able to work in a shared space, where you don’t just rent out a desk to work and use the infrastructure the space offers, but actually interact with other workers, collaborating, getting inspired and inspiring others. The special thing at Sun and Co.: You do not only share the working space, but actually live under the same roof with the other workers, thus forming a more tight-knit community. (At times it had a bit of a Big-Brother-feel to it, in the most positive of ways 😉 )

Especially at Sun and Co. I felt that we all got along very well and really enjoyed each other’s company during trips to the market, hikes or film- and pizza-nights, while at the same time having enough space to be able to work and do your own thing, aswell. The whole experience was very inspiring to me. The people, the beautiful interior of the space itself, the nature, the differentness of the entire surroundings compared to the usual surroundings you have at home and especially receiving input and hearing the experiences of the other coworkers.




About Sun & Co.

Sun and Co. was established end of 2015 by its wonderful hosts Jon and Edu. The 19th-century house right in the center of Jávea, a historic town on the Mediterranean coast, offers more than 450 square meters of space to work, live and hang out.

Sun and Co. accomodates up to 20 people, where you can either stay in a single, double or shared bedroom, which gives you the chance to enjoy the experience, even if you’re on a tight budget. One of the greatest things about this place: Not only do the guys from Sun and Co. donate 3% of every booking to charity, but the entire electricity at Sun and Co. comes from renewable energies, including 30% that is generated through their very own solar panels.

I had a little interview with Jon and Edu about their establishment:


How did you get started with Sun and Co.?
It all happened a few months ago. We both share the idea that best things in life happen when you share with other people. We both come from a coworking background, and we thought that creating a space where you could live and work together with interesting, like-minded people could lead to smarter working and better living.

What is your concept of your Coworking/Coliving space?

Sun and Co. is a Coliving and Coworking space with all under one roof. That’s the most important factor to us. This is a home, a basecamp for digital nomads and remote workers. We believe that wonderful things happen when people share and live in the same space. We want to make people feel as comfortable as in their own home and as productive as in their own office.

At the same time, our goal is also to connect our guests with the local culture, local food, local people and places. If you come to Spain, we want you to discover the real Jávea.

What do you love about running the space?

The most amazing and incredible thing from running this space are the personal relationships that are created here. I worked in a coworking space before, and it takes more than a month to get to know people. Here in 5 days, you sometimes become friends with others. Trust me, coliving is real magic, and it works 🙂




A day at Sun and Co.

8:30: Getting up, stretching, happily jumping out of bed (Nah, just kidding, my getting-out-of-bed usually looks more like a crawl), taking a shower, meditating

9:30: Breakfast with some of the other coworkers, after getting a fresh baguette and croissant at the bakery

10:00: Getting the first portion of work in

12:00: Heading out to a Second-Hand shop that Jon, the co-owner, really wanted to show me. Found some amazing, very old analog cameras!

13:00: Second portion of work

16:00: Small lunch, then heading out to the beach with my camera to take some photos

19:00: After not being able to tear myself away from the beautiful sunset for 3 hours, heading back to the Coworking space

20:00: Making dinner (tuna steaks and a Zucchini pasta) with some of the guys

21:00: Hanging out with the other Coworkers, talking and having some beers.


Can hardly imagine a better day than this!


Getting to Jávea

Getting to Jávea is super easy and cheap. You can either fly to Alicante or Valencia and take a bus from there or go via Blablacar**. From Cologne I took a flight with Ryanair** to Valencia for only 45 euros there and back. The guys from Sun and Co. were then kind enough to organize my trip to Jávea from the airport, because 3 other coworkers were arriving that same day. We were then able to all go by car together.

Check out Sun and Co. at sun-and-co.com** and head on down to Spain for a little workation! It’ll be very well worth it!


Here are some impressions of the Coworking space and Jávea:









** Unpaid ad due to external link.




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