Here you can browse through some of my videos that are related to my travels, which you can also find on my online-portfolio, my Youtube- or Vimeo-channel or embedded into some of my blog posts.


Filming and Editing is what I do as a freelancer and is, aside from traveling itself, my biggest passion. If you know anyone or you yourself are in need of any type of film (travel-related, event, wedding, sports and more), you need your footage edited, a small motion-graphics film made or are interested in a coorperation, feel free to contact me via email at I’d be happy to help out!



During our 3- month stay in Morocco we took a few road trips to discover this beautiful country. Some of the places you can see are Sidi Ifni, Tafraoute and some more stops we hit along the way.


Getting lost in the streets of Marrakesh on our 3-day-visit. All the impressions were almost overwhelming, but very exciting and the culture is just incredibly interesting.


TRAVEL REEL 2016 // Travelous Mind


This is little introduction to where the journey of Travelous Mind will be heading in 2017. To me 2016 was an absolutely incredible year filled with amazing travels. The video contains footage from my trips to:
Norway, the South of France and Spain, Slovenia and a short trip to the Geierlay bridge in my home country of Germany.

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NORTHBOUND // On An Expedition to Norway


Orcas, hunchbacks, polar lights. These were only a few of the endless amazing things we saw on our trip to Norway.

Thank you so much to Sebastian from Dr. Striewski Forschungsreisen for making this amazing trip happen. Book your trip at!

Check out the photo post of my trip to Norway right here.




I made this video in connection with the blog.
Essentially, it is a compilation of all of my previous travels. What I have learned along my trips is that there are various types of beauty is in this world. This is what I want to portray in my video and on my blog.


SLOVENIA// Love for Nature


“Being in nature is becoming who we are. Going back to the roots. Being us again.”

I created this video using footage I filmed while on a week-long trip to Slovenia with a few friends. Being in such raw nature really got me thinking. Here are a few of my thoughts packed into in a small video. 🙂





This is the project video I made with video footage from travelers from all over the world for the book project “The trip that changed my Life“, a collection of stories from 50+ travelers from all over the world. All proceeds will be going to charity, so check it out!

Read more about this incredible project here.


MEXICO// The Land Of A Million Colours


This is a small compilation of a 2 and a half week-trip I took to Mexico, where I met up with some friends. The experience was absolutely mind-blowing and Mexico has the ability to make you fall in love with it.



WHERE TIME STANDS STILL// A journey through Spain and Portugal


I made this film after a 3-week trip through Spain and Portugal. To be honest, I wasn’t sure before what the film was going to be about exactly, but in the course of the trip the idea gradually became very clear.

“Where Time Stands Still” is about 3 different people, who over time have come to realize that working a normal 9 to 5-job and living a regulated, “normal” life, the way it is expected of us today, is not for them and about how they strive to make their lives a little bit different.

In this context the aspect of “time” was an essential topic for all of us, regarding the way we use or waste it and finding a way to make time occasionally slow down. To create moments for ourselves in which we just stop and take the time to actually BE.


TEASER// “Where Time Stands Still”



This is the teaser for a short documentary I filmed during a trip through Spain and Portugal, accompanying travelers and surfers throughout their journey.






“I’m just a simple guy, I live from day to day. A ray of sunshine melts my frown and blows my blues away.”
-Led Zeppelin


This is a shortfilm I made after my 5-day stay in wonderful Peniche, Portugal.
Thanks to everyone that took part and especially to West Hostel!




EUROTRIP 2014// A journey through Europe


“Nothing behind me,
everything ahead of me,
as is so ever on the road.”
-Jack Kerouac


This is a compilation I made of my very first solo-backpacking trip and also my first travel-video.
The video contains scenes and people I met throughout my 12-week trip in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

I thank all the wonderful people I met backpacking and the friends that accompanied me! 🙂