24 Jan, 2016

Travelous Mind: Where the journey is headed

24 Jan, 2016

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Hey there and welcome to my travel blog “Travelous Mind”!

First and foremost: I am happy that you’re here and I hope sincerely that you can find some inspiration on my blog and also find what you might be looking for. In this very first, official post I want to tell you where this “Travelous Mind”- journey is headed.

After playing with the thought of starting a travel blog for about the last 2 years now, I have finally decided to take the leap and just do it. Still, I’m actually pretty glad that I waited a bit, because the past few years traveling has taught me so much and has got me thinking about life a lot, so that I am now at a point where I know exactly what I want to tell you here and now.


Why I’m doing this:

Reason number 1 and the most important reason for creating this blog:

I want to inspire you. To follow your dreams and goals, to make the absolute most of your life and to savor every moment you have on this planet. Because in fact, life isn’t as short as people like to say, but way too often we waste our precious time doing things that don’t make us happy. Or doing things that make us feel momentary highs which we mistake for true happiness. No matter if you want to see more of the world, but don’t now how or you just want to free yourself from the things that make you unhappy- I want to try and help you where I can.

Reason number 2: I want to show you that there’s a freaking amazing, wide, beautiful world waiting out there for you. As I intended to illustrate in my video “The Beauties of This World”: Beauty surrounds us every moment of our lives, we just need to open our eyes and minds to be able to recognize and appreciate all that beauty.

Reason number 3: Because here on my blog I can combine all of my greatest passions. My love for traveling, for film and photography, for philosophy and for writing. Therefore I can actually use my images and words to tell stories that I am passionate about and hopefully will inspire you, aswell.


You can read more about me and what my blog has to do with you right here.


Some things you can read about on my blog:

  • Practical tips on individual travel
  • Tips on traveling light with just a carry-on
  • Posts about “deeper” traveling
  • Tips on how to save money for and on your trips
  • Thoughts on self-reflection and life in general
  • Travelogues of different countries and cities
  • Tips on overcoming your fears

..and many more posts that I hope will inspire you!


On my blog you will also find many different types of posts, including blog series, many pictures and videos, travelogues, interviews and every now and then a free download for you. You will find my blog posts under the “Blog” column or sorted by themes under the column “Travel”.


Upcoming blogposts include:

..and many, many more.


If you want to stay up to date on what I’m doing and what’s happening on my blog, you can subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of the page (No worries, I will only send an e-mail out every now and then) and get a little extra as a welcome gift 😉

And now: Have fun on my blog, I really hope you enjoy it! You can give me feedback in the comment fields or anytime via Facebook or e-mail at denise@travelousmind.com!


Love,   Denise



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